Move Up ABA

Every child can look to a brighter future. 

By addressing your child’s struggles and focusing on their strengths, we facilitate progress in mastering lifelong skills.

Every family can rise to the challenge.

We know all about the hurdles involved in raising a child with autism and are here to listen and lighten the load.

Every day can be filled with growth. 

Our therapists collaborate with parents, teachers, and service providers to maximize progress across various settings.

Our Promise

Your child will thrive, too.

That’s a promise backed by the passion, professionalism, and persistence of our team.

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We harness the power of play.

Playful therapy sessions facilitate learning through fun and curiosity.

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We utilize the impact of tiny steps.

Individualized care plans enable gradual and consistent progress.

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We draw upon years of experience.

Expert leadership guides every family to a brighter future.

Evidence- based

ABA methods

Highly qualified



our team

Get to know a staff that’s dedicated to seeing your child achieve.

Rich field experience + compassionate care bring you that family-focused service experience you’re looking for.

Monique McGovern, MS, BCBA, LBA

Monique McGovern, Co-Founder, is a highly accomplished and compassionate clinician with many years of experience in the field of ABA therapy. Prior to founding Move Up ABA, Monique held senior leadership positions at several acclaimed ABA companies where she was responsible for providing world-class treatment to hundreds of children across Indiana, the Carolinas, and Georgia. Monique’s innovative approach to treatment delivery combined with her unwavering commitment to clinical excellence has forever touched the lives of her many clients and their families. At Move Up, Monique is highly committed to fostering an exceptional company culture and a collaborative work environment in order to maximize the well-being of her team.

Monique earned a degree in Sociology and Psychology from Northeastern University, received her master’s degree in applied psychology from Sacred Heart University and completed her certification in Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis from Nova Southeastern University

Nathan Barz

Nathan Barz, Chief Executive Officer, is a warm and engaging leader with a passion for helping others. At Move Up ABA, he is responsible for overseeing all business operations in order to ensure that clients and their families receive the exceptional care they deserve. Prior to taking on his leadership role at Move Up ABA Nathan co-founded MedVA (where he served as President & COO), a national healthcare company that helps hundreds of healthcare providers improve care to their patients. Prior to co-founding MedVA, he spent his early career at Barclays Bank, where he helped struggling businesses to recover and thrive. Nathan earned his bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude, from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Elie Burg

Director of Operations
Elie Burg, Director of Operations, is a skilled and nurturing operational leader in the healthcare services field. Previously, Elie served as the CEO of Travel Test NY-NJ, a regional medical testing company which provided services to tens of thousands of clients in the Northeast. Elie has extensive personal experience working individuals with autism and is particularly passionate about delivering exceptional services to them and their families. Elie earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of all those who we interact with through a relentless pursuit of clinical and operational excellence. We utilize a naturalistic model of ABA therapy by focusing on play-based, child-led strategies to bring forth positive change while monitoring outcomes to ensure progress.



To create meaningful and lasting positive changes in the lives of our clients and team members while expanding our service area responsibly in order to reach as many people as possible with the power of Applied Behavior Analysis.



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We are genuine in all that we do, which allows others to trust us as both a service provider and an employer.

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Clinical Excellence

As a BCBA-owned and operated ABA company, we prioritize clinical quality and accountability. We monitor client outcomes closely to ensure we are meeting the high standards we strive for each and every day.

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We inspire and support each other when working together for the client’s best interest. Our approach is one of partnership and mutual respect.

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We believe in hiring the most talented professionals, giving them the tools to succeed and getting out of the way without micromanagement. We offer the flexibility to create custom caseloads which leads to optimal work/life balance.

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We are passionate about the services we provide and the people we serve and are fiercely committed to overcoming any barriers that stand in the way of success.

About your BCBA

Board Certified Behavior Analysts hold Master's degrees and pass an exam required by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board. They conduct assessments, design customized client care plans, and supervise RBTs.

About your RBT

Registered Behavior Therapists are paraprofessionals who help your child improve critical skills in one-on-one sessions. Their work is guided by the treatment plan and closely supervised by a BCBA.

Move Up today for a better tomorrow.