Move Up ABA

Skills for Life

At Move Up ABA, we work with you and your child to improve performance and skills across all areas of daily living.


Eye contact


Interactive play

Recognizing social cues

Interpreting body language


Following instructions

Regulating emotions

Reducing challenging behavior

Coping skills


Initiating conversation

Describing emotions

Alternative communication methods (sign language, devices)




Toilet training

Daily routines

We’re in it together

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Parent/Caregiver Training

Our team provides training and support to parents and caregivers so that they can better help their children incorporate the skills being learned during therapy.

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School Collaboration

With approval from your child’s school, we may be able to support your child through partnering with teachers or providing sessions at school.

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Care Coordination

Our team will work alongside other members of your child’s care team including speech therapists and occupational therapists, so that care is as comprehensive as possible.

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Reaching higher, day by day.
Here’s what it looks like:

Reaching higher,
day by day.
Here’s what it looks like:

Initial Assessment

A friendly BCBA® will come to your home to observe and assess your child. Through analyzing their strengths, challenges, sensitivities and needs, they’ll draw up a treatment plan tailored to your child.


An RBT®, sometimes accompanied by a supervising BCBA®, comes to your home, weaving therapy strategy into a lighthearted play session. Sometimes sessions may take place in other community settings such as parks, libraries or daycare centers.

Monitor Progress

During and after every session, your child’s clinician takes detailed notes of how your child is reacting, integrating skills and practicing alternative behaviors. Further sessions are planned accordingly, ensuring that progress is made, step by tiny step.


With lots of positive reinforcement, we celebrate small victories and develop them. Day by day, your child grows, emerging more confident, communicative and capable.

Unlock the doors to your child’s success.